Trap Bar Deadlift with Resistance Band

A great variation to throw into your deadlifts is to add a resistance band.  The band will give you steady resistance to pull through and while also increasing the resistance without more weight.  When you get to the top of the lift, the band is still providing a challenging resistance for you to still be working against.  This will definitely help those who are weaker at the top of the lift.

Ben Bruno puts my video to shame

Ben Bruno puts my video to shame Watch Video

There are various ways to set this up: straight bar, trap bar (like in my video), or just use a band by itself.  Google “deadlift with resistance band” images to get a various ideas.  Saves me time trying to describe it.

Whether you use light weights/bands to work on speed or heavy weight/bands for heavy, maxing out lifts this exercise works great.

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