Tabata: Fat Incinerator Workout

Some days just get out of our control or something unexpected comes up and screws up everything you had planned.  Normally, the first thing to get sacrificed is your workout.

“How can I possibly fit in an hour today to workout?  Just not happening.  I guess I’ll just have to wait till tomorrow.”

Well don’t give up so fast.


You may not have an hour, but you may have 10-20 minutes.  Also if a trip to the gym is not possible, then some bodyweight exercises can just be the trick.

A tabata style workout can be your answer.

The workouts can be as long as you want, but with the high intensity, they normally do not last long.  The typical terabit design is doing a certain amount of work to a certain amount of rest, to clarify that better, for example a 2:1 ratio of work to rest, or 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest and then repeat.  These variables can be increased to 40 seconds of work 20 seconds rest as well.

You can choose how may rounds you want to do, whether it’s 5, 8, or 10.

Endless exercises can be used, but normally bodyweight, plyometric or free weight exercises work best.

You also do not need a lot of room and can easily be done in a hotel room, if you are on the road away from your gym.

Here is a sample workout for you to try…

20 seconds work: 10 seconds rest    5 Rds

Push ups

Squat Jumps

Shoulder Push ups


Ring Rows


Double Unders

Give it a shot and let me know what you think!


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Kevin Fulton

Kevin Fulton is personal trainer in Pittsburgh, PA. His goal is to help his clients look, feel, and move better. In his spare time you can find him under a barbell or practicing jiu jitsu.

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