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I love doing these posts because I get to go a little bit off the fitness path and do something different.  There is more to me than fitness, not much, but a little something.

It’s been a few months I think since I have done one of these posts and with the holidays and the major shopping season past us, having everything shoved in our faces for Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, the shopping after Christmas sales, I have come across a lot of great things I have tried and bought.  (leaving my wallet pretty empty)

So here we go with my next list….


Strider Bikes – Seriously anyone that has a child needs to get them a Strider.  I came across one of these at a Dick’s Sporting Goods store and by the time I walked across the store to show my wife and son, two dads stopped me and raved about how awesome they were and their kid was riding a bike at 2 years old.  SOLD!!! Threw it in the cart and the rest is history.  We’ve been working on it slowly since winter finally decided to come to Pittsburgh so practicing in the house until spring.  It is ideal for 18 months to 4 years old.  As you can see no pedals or training wheels so your kid learns balance.  Of course we had to get the helmet with the skull and crossbones on it too.


No Escape – I am definitely no movie buff.  Normally if I sit down to watch a movie my wife has threatened to inflict a mass amount of pain to my person if I do not.  Instead of the usual sappy romance, 1800-era movies she normally makes me suffer through, she actually picked one that we both agreed was the best movie either of us has seen in a while.  As a man, it really makes you question if you could really not only get yourself out harms way, but a family of four? With a mob out to kill you? In a foreign country? Of course I could!   Holy smokes, great suspense.  And I’ll admit I tested the weight of my son,…. I could toss him to the next rooftop.


Your local barbershop – Seriously guys, I used to do the Great Clips, Supercuts, Sportscuts, route and hating every second of getting my haircut.  I used to purposely let my hair get long and shaggy to avoid going.  Then get a different lady overtime, who asks me the same questions, “where do you work?” “Do you go to school?”  “Where are you from?” for 15 minutes and then leave with a haircut that is subpar.  I didn’t know any better!  Until I went to my local barber.  Been there for two years now, every 4 weeks at 12:15pm.  I schedule, no waiting for an hour, it’s fast.  I even get a hot shave!  My barber even cut and styled my hair better than any of those beauty school dropouts ever had.  He knows what I get, I don’t have to tell him.  We talk about guy shit.  There is also jazz or blues on the radio, which gives it that classic guy feel.  Going to a barber has really made me step up my hygiene game up a few levels.  If you look good, you feel good, and you perform good.


Derek Weida – An amputee veteran, purple heart recipient, entrepreneur, internet celebrity, an overall hilarious, yet incredibly motivating bad ass.  If watching him workout doesn’t motivate you to get in to the gym, then there may be no hope for you.  If Derek could bottle some of his motivation, drive and work ethic, I would buy it in a second.  Check out his Facebook, instagram (@derekweida) and youtube videos. Oh yeah he has his company too.  Buy a shirt!

Pick up a relaxing hobby/skill – With a job, working out, having a family or social life (or both, please tell me how!) it is still very important to get some relaxation time in.  Something that will soothe the nerves but also give your brain a little exercise.  A strong body also needs a strong mind.  You can expect it to get stronger without a little stimulation from time to time.  Pick whatever you like, carpentry, draw, work on your car, cook, you choose.  It could be something new or something you always liked.  Do this for yourself, so you can be a better help to others.  I enjoy music and picked myself up a ukulele.  Something I can take along with me, strum on and relax.


Checkout my suggestions, I hope you find them interesting.


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