Predicted Top 20 Fitness Trends of 2015

ACSM has a released a survey of what fitness trends will be popular in 2015.  To some surprise for some, bodyweight exercises were number 1.  Not to pat myself on the back and say I told you so, (since I never said it out loud or blogged about it, dang it!) I did not notice a greater interest in it from clients or the public but by what books and information was being published by great trainers in our field.  You have to throw stuff out there to see what sticks, and bodyweight exercises seemed to be sticking.  Why would this be popular?  For one, its provides a challenging workout without any equipment, need for a gym membership, and can be done on the road or at any time in your schedule.  We LOVE convenience right?  And if you throw these exercises into a circuit-like workout, BOOM! you will be sweating in no time.  However, I do not see this “trend” as being secretly done in a room at our convenience.  Trainers are going to be marketing classes and their training as “bodyweight” training.  Nothing wrong with it, you will just see it more, which will spark interest and blow up, like Crossfit.  Which brings me to my point of this article.  By bodyweight exercises this is what I mean…

Now tell me your not impressed by these gentlemen.  These guys strong, ripped, and in incredible shape!  Heck, I wish and want to do what they are doing because it is…well, …..badass!  However, most people (and by most, I mean like 99%) will not be able to do what these guys do, but will be throwing their money at trainers to get them (i.e. let them try) to do it.  These movements take a ton of core strength, shoulder mobility and stability, and overall strength to perform these movements.  So, I just want you to be careful and make sure the trainer starts you where you “are” and build you up from there, a long with taking consideration for any current injuries or orthopedic issues you have.  So don’t expect to do a human flag for a while.

To finish up the top 3… #2 High Intensity Interval Training and #3 Educated and Experienced Fitness Professionals (woohoo job security!)

For the complete list, check it out here.

I wish all of you a healthy and safe new year in your fitness endeavors. Please take care of yourselves and put health as a priority in life.


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Kevin Fulton is personal trainer in Pittsburgh, PA. His goal is to help his clients look, feel, and move better. In his spare time you can find him under a barbell or practicing jiu jitsu.

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