Meal Prepping: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Let’s face it.  Not everyday is going to go your way.  However, you do have some control by setting yourself up to succeed rather than just living on the fly and expecting life to always workout perfectly.

If you ever worked on a goal then you know that never happens.

Preparation is key and important in anything you set out to do.

This especially goes for nutrition.

There are so many factors that can easily derail your progress and fall back into bad habits.

Take matters into your own hands and start meal prepping.  What is meal prepping?  It is taking one afternoon/evening out of your week and making all your meals and getting all your supplements together for the week.  All you have to do is grab it and eat.  It really can not get any simpler than that. It also takes a lot of hassle out of the rest of your week.


How Meal Prepping will help you…

It is convenient and save you time, when you need it, throughout the week.

The week is already long and stressful, what if you could just open maybe one more hour in your evening to relax and spend sometime on yourself?  When the unexpected pops up, which it always does, you can be rest assured that your nutrition will not  fall victim to it.

Buying Food in Bulk Will Help You Save Money

Getting yourself a Costco or Sam’s Club membership will pay off big overtime. Buying in bulk will help you save money since you are buying for multiple meals for the week. Plus you will normally have some leftover for the following weeks to come.   For example, that big jar of peanut butter will not be gone in a week. So you only need to buy it once, instead of every week, it will be cheaper this way too.

Spend Less Time Cooking Only  Once a Week and Less Time Doing Dishes

The last thing I want to do in the evening is come home, stand and cook a meal, then clean the dishes afterwards (I do not have a dishwasher and I like a clean kitchen) By meal prepping, you will spend one day cooking everything, normally Sunday, but whatever day works best for you.  BOOM!, cooking is done.  I wash the dishes as I use them, it tends to keep things orderly and doesn’t blow the kitchen up too bad.  The rest of the week the only dishes you should have are your containers, which may create one night of doing dishes or one load in the dishwasher.

Shopping Will Be Easier and Quicker With a Plan and a List

Have you ever wondered around aimlessly around the grocery store, wondering what to eat for the week.  Trying to plan meals there on the spot?  Hoping to stay on budget? With a meal plan for the week and a list makes grocery shopping quick and easy.  Normally you will have some items leftover for the next week, so your list should get smaller each time.  It becomes more of a running out for the essentials.

Reduces Stress

Wake up late, meeting runs long, too tired at night to even think about cooking a meal.  Rest assured knowing your meal is ready and waiting .  You are covered. Nothing to worry about.

Prevents You From Making Unhealthy Food Choices

No more grabbing something quick and on the go, because you do not need to.  You have your snack/meal ready and with you.  You do not have to waste time trying to find something healthy or just letting your nutrition go to crap because you have no other option except the greasy pepperoni pizza everyone else in the office is  ordering for lunch.

And Most Importantly… It Will Get You Results!!!

I would say this is the best practice you can take if you are serious about getting results.  The old saying, “Failing to plan, is planning to fail” holds very true.  By having everything ready, it really reduces, if not eliminates, your obstacles for the week.  It also is motivating and exciting to know that you have a plan and ready to fulfill it.  If you meal prep and stick to it results are inevitable.


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