How to Increase Your Pull Up Power


There are a few exercises that we compare ourselves to others with.  The squat, bench press, push ups, sit ups, dead lift, and the PULL UP to name a few.  No one ever asks “Hey Bro, how many Dumbbell Lateral Raises can you do?”

Pull-ups are definitely a measure of strength. They are put into all kinds of tests, you see soldiers do them, to watching someone do them on that American Ninja show.  In other words, in order to be BAD ASS you need to be able to do a pull-up….at least one.  How embarrassing is it to struggle and not be able to pull yourself up on to something.  Heck, it may even save your life one day… let that sink in….hopefully you’re never hanging from a cliff or helicopter.

We were tested on it as kids in gym class and being able to perform them is an incredible feat for most adults.

Not many adults can do them and many who can do them, do them with horrendous form, lack of ROM, and don’t even bring up ‘kipping’ pullups.

Besides the Bad Assness and strength, they also give you an aesthetically pleasing body.  Wide back, big bulging lat to give you some width, and a V-taper the ladies love.
So why wouldn’t you want to work on increasing your pullups?Below is an article from Dan John on T-Nation on how to increase your pull up power.  Whether you are a beginner or are able to perform an impressive number of pull ups, this article can help you achieve more.And if you can’t even achieve one pull up at the present moment, make use of the assisted pull up machine in your gym or band-assisted pull ups.

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