How to Avoid a Pulled Hamstring

Tight hamstrings are very common in not only the general population, but in athletes as well.  Have you ever noticed in the beginning of a sport season, whether it is spring training for baseball or training camp for football, that players start dropping like flies due to hamstring strains?

When a hamstring is chronically tight and then put under more tension or higher demand and use, such as beginning a sport season after an off season, it will not take much to make that muscle stretch too far and become strained.

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What’s worse is that it is not an easy injury to recover from and will always be an issue and risk of reoccurring until it the tightness is taken care of.

So as the weather gets nicer and more of you are getting more active, getting out and jogging, pick up basketball, soccer games, after a long winter lay off,do not make yourself more prone to a hamstring strain.

Mike Robertson wrote a great article on this topic that I want to share with you.  So start taking care of your hamstrings or other tight muscles before they lead to something far worse.


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