Fill Out That T-shirt This Summer: Boulder Shoulders

Broad shoulders can make a BIG statement on a guy.  They can be a characteristic of strength, confidence, athleticism and they demand respect.  They could arguably be considered the most manliest characteristic a guy could have.

In a day and age where too many men are sitting in front of a computer with rounded forwarded shoulders looking frail and wimpy, a set of broad shoulders really stand out.

In my opinion there is no better way to show off a great set of shoulders than in your typical t-shirt.  Too many people worry about name brand clothes to look good, I always thought a beautifully built body will look good in anything, even a plain white tee.

No matter if you were born with narrow or wide shoulders, you can create a great set of boulder popping shoulders. Your shoulder destiny lays in your own hands.

Once build up a set of broad shoulders, you have set the stage for the widely coveted V-shape that women love.

So how do I get broad shoulders?

As with any muscle growth, testosterone plays a huge role.  Coincidentally, since big shoulders are a characteristic of manliness, testosterone really helps grow the shoulders by our deltoids containing large amounts of androgen receptors.  These androgen receptors take in testosterone, initiating protein synthesis leading to  muscle growth.  I have written other blog posts about how to naturally increase your testosterone.  You can check one of those out here… Get Your Ideal Body: Pt. 2 – Increase Your Testosterone

What exercises build broad shoulders?

There are three heads of the shoulders that you will want to develop to have that softball in your shoulders look. These three heads are the front, medial, and rear.  The following exercises will hit all three, so leave the thinking to me and follow the program below.

Overhead Press



DB Lateral Raise



DB Rear Flye



Overhead Front Raise with plate



Face Pulls (video Chad Herman Fitness)



So perform the following exercises as so…

A.  Overhead Press 4x 8-10 

B1  DB Lateral Raise 3x 10-15

B2  DB Rear Flye 3x 10-15 

B3  Overhead Front Raise with plate 3x 10-15

C.  Face Pulls 3x 10-15

Perform all sets of exercise A, with 1-1:30 rest in between sets.  Then perform all B exercises as a circuit with no rest in between exercises, but 1-1:30 rest in between circuits.  Then perform all sets of exercise C with a 1-1:30 rest in between sets. Shoulders need high volume to spark growth.  Training them 2-3x week is good as long as you are recovering from each workout well.  I also focus on more lateral and rear deltoid work on shoulder days, since the front deltoids get a lot of work in during Chest day.  The rear delts are normally the lagging head of the three deltoids, so give them a little more love when you can.

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