Exercise of the Week: Steel Mace Barbarian Squat

Do you love swinging heavy things over your head?  If so, then you will absolutely love this exercise!  The Barbarian Squat with the Steel Mace is a great exercise to provide variation, and a change of pace by using an unconventional piece of equipment that may challenge your body in a new way.  Also it just looks cool!

How To Do the Barbarian Squat

This is a co-ordinated movement so focus and take your time.  Once you have the movement down, speeding up the tempo can create a great fat burning exercise.  Do not go so fast that you lose control and whack yourself in the head or back.

Stand with your feet just outside of shoulder width apart. Hold the Steel Mace with both hands ( wide hands = easier, and close hands and closer to the end of the bar = harder).  The farther away you hold the mace from the weighted end the more challenging the exercise and more stability that will be needed in the upper body and core.

photo credit: Onnit.com

photo credit: Onnit.com

Slowly raise the steel mace back and over one shoulder with control.  Forcefully bring the steel mace back in front, while simultaneously dropping down into a squat.

Once you hit the deepest part of your squat, stand back up and raising the steel mace over the opposite shoulder and repeating for reps as you alternate shoulders with each rep.

Since this is a full body exercise that incorporates legs, shoulders, core, and grip strength, it is a great exercise to focus on strength, stability, and can be thrown into a metabolic circuit workout to burn fat.



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