Do You Even Read, Bro? 6/22/15

I just finished a relaxing vacation from the beach and broke away from (sometimes) the chain of social media, internet webz, computers in general.  I feel very refreshed and have a ton of ideas in my head I am excited to get started on.  Do You Even Read, Bro? has been hit or miss the past couple weeks with a busy schedule.  I do not like doing things half ass so I let them go rather than put out material I was not confident in and read myself.

But back at again this week…. Enjoy!

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4 Methods to Boost Testosterone With Food – Erick Avila

How to Build the Ideal Male Body (5 Tips for Developing the Perfect Masculine Form) – John Romaniello

Torch Fat with Free-Weight Finishers – Ben Bruno

Four Hard Gainer Cardio Solutions – Eric Bach 

How to Do Anything (Even the Hard Stuff) – Krista Scott-Dixon 

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Kevin Fulton

Kevin Fulton is personal trainer in Pittsburgh, PA. His goal is to help his clients look, feel, and move better. In his spare time you can find him under a barbell or practicing jiu jitsu.

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