Do You Even Read, Bro? 3/30/15

Good Monday everybody! I hope you all had a great weekend. Before you get into the work week spend a little bit of time on yourself by reading this week’s Do You Even Read, Bro? Great conversation starters at the watercooler.  Tons of great stuff this week!  Get to the gym and try it out!

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I go through phases when it comes to cardio, and right now I am completely NOT diggin’ long distance running or spending an hour on a cardio machine.  I have enjoyed running in the past here and there and maybe I one day I will enjoy it again.  I ran a half-marathon last year (2 hours 4 minutes!..YES!), which was the farthest I have ever ran and plan on ever running.  I tip my hat to all the half- and full marathon runners… they are crazy!  I have also spent some time doing the rowing machine for a change of pace and work on building my back for conditioning for jiu-jitsu.


Now days, I want some cardio where I am still lifting some weights and doing something that keeps my mind engaged and costing me as little time as possible.  So I have been including complexes, circuits, and jump rope into my programs.  Here is an article on the subject and four complexes to get you started.  These will kick your butt!

Screw Cardio! Four Complexes for a Shredded Physique – Chris Shugart


The Landmine is a great piece of exercise equipment I have fallen in love with.  I highly recommend it if you have a home gym, limited space, or just want to do some really cool, functional, compound, complexes, and circuit workouts.  Here some articles with Landmine, check them out!

The Best Squat You’re Not Doing — Ben Bruno, T-Nation

10 Landmine Exercises You’ve Never Tried – and Should — Mike Sheridan, Breaking Muscle

Now for some Abs!!

The Ab Wheel Rollout is a great exercise to really challenge your anterior core and give you the core stability of a rock.

The Ab Wheel Rollout: 2 Advanced Variations You’ve Never Even Heard Of — Jordan Syatt

Do you want to build muscle and get stronger, then slow it down!  Time under tension, tearing that muscle down to build it back stronger and bigger.

3 Reasons to Lift Weights Slower — Tony Bonvechio

Have a great week everyone!

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