Do You Even Read, Bro? 3/2/15

Hey guys I have been very busy promoting and getting my Summer Transformation Challenge ready to launch on March 16.  It’s a lot of working getting everything organized but very exciting at the same time.  Also working with some new clients in they studio, so I’ve been moving all last week and this week will be no different.

Grabbed some dinner and saw a magic show with the wife over the weekend, so did something new. It was actually a lot more impressive in person than television.  UFC 184 was fun to watch and then hibernated on Sunday and got some work done for the week to take some of the load off.

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I can’t wait to get into the gym this week and try some new things and making some tweeks in my diet.  All of which will be included in the Summer Transformation Challenge!

I have been on a jump “kick” lately, as I try to create better programs to help you move better, I realize how much more and more I focus on the glutes and all of  it’s functions.  A major missing piece in many a training program.  Here is another article to get some explosive and powerful glutes.

Squat Jumps to Maximize Athletic Power – Eric Bach


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It is always good to put a different spin on lift/exercise every so often.  Switch from a flat bench chest press to an incline chest press for example.  A new way to stress the muscle.  Here are some variations for push-ups that would make for some great workout or chest day finishers.

4 Push Up Variations for Upper Body Strength – Tony Bonvechio


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Some tips to get those shoulders looking like boulders.  Shoulders are definitely needed for that athletic look and a great looking broad upper body.  Here are some great tips…

Delts on Fire – Dani Shugart


Have a great week guys!


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