Do You Even Read, Bro? 3/13/16

Good morning guys!  It’s been a loooong week, but the weekend has come and is on the way out as you sit down here on Sunday morning to read this week’s email.  For all of those doing the Crossfit Open, keep up the hard work, hang in there and keep pushing to pump out your best. I salute you.

I want to make you guys aware that it’s now March (I am sure you knew), but summer is right around the corner now.  Heck, the way the weather has been, summer may be here a few weeks early.  It was 73 in Pittsburgh just the other day.  With summer on my mind and everyone wanting to look good for the beach, I am thinking about setting up a 3o day Fitness Challenge to help you get started.  If you are interested, shoot me a quick email at

If I get a good response and interest then I’ll get things rolling and we’ll shoot for April start date.  Serious challengers only please. Spots will be limited.

Landmine Squat Hold and Press

Here is a great exercise using the Landmine.  Drop into a squat position and hold.  While maintaining a stable body, press the barbell up and control back down to the chest.  You can do these with heavy for a great challenge or light weight and go circuit style with fast, controlled reps for a specific amount of time.

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Article from the Archive

Hip extension is a must, if you ever want to get stronger, perform better, and stay injury free.  This blog article from last year will get you heading in the right direction by showing how to release soft tissues to first get into hip extension, then a few exercises to start building strong, powerful glutes…..Powerful Hip Extension: What Every Guy Needs (…for the gym)



Fitness Articles of the Week…

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5 Common Technique Mistakes – Eric Cressey, T-Nation

 Anterior Core Training – Michael Boyle, T-Nation

Tip: Do Kettlebell Swings for a big Deadlift – Erick Avila, T-Nation

Top Priority for Lower Traps – Mike Robertson, T-Nation

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