Do You Even Read, Bro? 2/16/15

Ramping up for another strong, productive week, and kicking it off with the weekly edition of Do You Even Read, Bro?  I hope everyone had a great weekend and if you celebrated, Valentine’s day with your loved one, I hope love was in the air.

I enjoyed my weekend with my wife and introducing two new “members” to our family.  A Honda Civic and Pilot.  Our previous cars were run into the ground and we decided it was time to for an upgrade.  So spending quite some time in a dealership was long and boring, but the great positive outcome was well worth it.

Great tips for the deadlift and always a good review with videos… tension, tension, TENSION!!!!

I always love me some kettle bells…
The Kettlebell Clean:  Leave Ed Grimley Out of It – Artemis Scantalides

Hmmm… another “set up” article, maybe, just maybe form is important…
3 Bench Press Set Up Mistakes – Tony Bonvenchio

Your normal warm-up may have just changed..
The Most Intelligent Way to Warm Up – Dr. John Rusin, T-Nation

Taking your dumbell row to another level…
High Performance Exercises You Should be Doing: Dumbell Split Row – Eric Bach

Great article on getting glute work in to your programming, trust me you need it…
How to Design an Optimal Glute Training Program – Bret Contreras

Personal trainers can really take your fitness to the next level (yes, I am a little bias on this subject).  I never worked with a client that I was not able to teach them a ton of information to help them feel better. move better and look better.

I am always reading and learning new material and research, which is why I do this blog post on a weekly basis.  To help you educate yourself and take your training to the next level.  Here is a great article to help you if you decide to hire a personal trainer.  * if interested in online training, drop me an email at

10 Things to Consider When Choosing to Hire the Best Personal Trainer for You – Jonathan Goodman, the PTDC

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