Do You Even Read, Bro? 1/19/15

It’s another “manic” Monday and the start to another week.  It’s National Chest Day! Which is why I do squats on Monday.  Momma didn’t raise no fool, you see.  Plus it’s when I give my favorite fitness articles for the week!  (See Monday is already getting better and better)


I also have started something new in my fitness training, and that is using the rowing machine.  I always thought being on a crew team at some Ivy League school would be awesome and something respectable (along with building a great back and set of shoulders, two muscle groups I feel I can’t build up enough) and because I know nothing about it, it would be new and exciting.  So I rowed the 2,000 meter for time (figured it would be a good place to start and see where I am at)  Finished at 11:22:2.  I am sure many rowers or avid row machiners are laughing right now.  I don’t know if that’s horrible, ok or if I just set a new world record.  So I plan on throwing this in with my sprints and jump roping and living my dream vicariously on land.  (Did I use ‘vicariously’ right?  See I’m not Ivy League material)

row 2row 1









Me coming down the homestretch!! (pictures courtesy of my dad’s cell phone)

As I sit here and write this blog for tomorrow I anxiously await UFC Fight Night McGregor vs. Siver.  Oh, the NFL playoffs are on tonight? If the Steelers aren’t in it, not interested enough… I got better things to do.  So my prediction… After 5 full rounds.  A thought to be victorious Siver gets robbed by the judges.   McGregor wins and the bossman Dana White is happy ($$$$$) And by the time you read this, history will have been written. Soooo was I right?


So sip that morning coffee, put off getting started on work for another fifteen minutes and enjoy another Do You Even Read, Bro? edition.

Planks: The Magic Sauce to Fix Hip Tightness and Increase Mobility – Dean Somerset

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The Best Hanging Leg Raise Instructional Video on the Web – Jordan Syatt

Why DUP is Better Than Linear Periodization – Bach Performance

I’m Just Waiting for the Perfect Time… – Precision Nutrition



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