Do You Even Read, Bro? 10/19/15

The weekends go by way too fast!  Am I right or am I right?

One thing I have noticed this past week is that when my alarm goes off and I have to drag myself out of bed, it is STILL dark outside.  What a bummer!  It has definitely affected my morning energy.  It has gotten me off my rhythm.  I feel and sense it in my clients too, so I know it is not just me.

Winter is approaching.

Baseball season is ending quickly, Football is almost halfway over, and I saw something that resembled a snow flake today (I refuse to believe that it was)  and pumpkins are everywhere and in everything.

But with winter comes great winter sports, like…… I don’t know, I do not do any. I used to ski, but not anymore. So I like to spend my winter’s indoor.  I tip my hat to all the winter warriors out there in the elements.  I wish I knew your secret (long underwear?)

Better late than never, here is this week’s edition of Do You Even Read, Bro?


Better Than Thrusters – Ben Bruno

The Zercher Squat Complete Guide – Christian Thibaudeau

9 Things to Never Do on Ab Day – Bill Geiger

Top 6 Kettlebell Exercises for Building Mass – Marcus Martinez

Fat Loss

How to Develop the Abundance Mindset: Finding Your Freedom – Jason Helmes

Tip: Do Farmer’s Walks Like This to Get Ripped – Christian Thibaudeau, T-Nation


4 Mistakes Skinny Guys Make When Trying To Gain Weight – Tony Bonvechio

The Truth About Alkaline Diets – Peter Fitschen T-Nation

The Number 1 Do and Don’t In Your Nutrition – Kevin Mullins


Never Gas Out – MMA Interval Training – Joel Jamieson

Building A Better Grip – Jim Wendler

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Kevin Fulton

Kevin Fulton is personal trainer in Pittsburgh, PA. His goal is to help his clients look, feel, and move better. In his spare time you can find him under a barbell or practicing jiu jitsu.

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