Do You Even Read, Bro? 10/11/15

Good Sunday morning!  It is time for this weeks edition of Do You Even Read, Bro? with a lot of great information for you and your goals.

Check them out and let me know what you think in the comment section below!


Simple Strength and Muscle Building Secrets – Eric Bach 

The 10,000 Swing Kettlebell Workout – Dan John

The 6 Laws of Lifting – Eric Bach

Fat Loss

Top 10 Drugs That Trainers Must Know About – Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

Final Nail in the Cardio Coffin – Rachel Cosgrove

The Best Cardio for Strength, Mass, and Fat Loss – JMax Fitness


7 Nutrient Deficiencies That Are Incredibly Common – Adda Bjarnadottir

3 Tips For Meeting Your Nutritional Needs – Mike Dolce


Why We Do Stuff We Know We Shouldn’t, and How It Affects Your Workouts – Dean Somerset

Stretching is Dead: A Better Method – Dr. John Rusin

Conditioning When the Weather Stinks – Jim Wendel

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Kevin Fulton

Kevin Fulton is personal trainer in Pittsburgh, PA. His goal is to help his clients look, feel, and move better. In his spare time you can find him under a barbell or practicing jiu jitsu.

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