Build a Rock Solid Core: 3 Variations to the Pallof Press


I received a question from an email subscriber on how to help improve core stability.  They have planked themselves to boredom and wanted some variation.  The Pallof press came right to mind and I decided this would  be perfect for my weekly blog post!

The Pallof press is a great way to improve core stability and prevent any unwanted flexion while performing your movement patterns.  You can do Pallof presses using bands or a weight cable stack.

Here are three variations for you to try out….


Getting yourself set is the most crucial part, due to the fact the purpose of the exercise is to stabilize and not lose form.  So feet shoulder width apart with “soft” knees.  Pelvis is in neutral, abs drawn in.  Shoulders back, head level with chin back.  Pull the band close to the body in mid chest range and straighten the arms out and hold for a specific amount of time.



The half kneeling version is a little more challenging.  The set up is the same in from the pelvis up.  For the lower body kneel down on the knee that is on the same side as the band.  Make sure to be up on your toe on the kneeling leg as well.  Squeeze the glute to help stabilize and begin the exercise, pulling the band into your chest and then beginning your reps, extending the arms out.


Double Kneeling with Feet Off Floor

This is advanced and very challenging.  You will need to drop resistance down as a light resistance can go a long way.  As you can see in the video, my first attempt is too much resistance and I dropped it down probably 2 levels of resistance to where I could actually perform the exercise.  Set up is the same, as standing except you kneeling on both knees.  When you set up, pull the band into your chest and extend out the arms.  When you feel stable, slowly raise the feet off the ground and hold.



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