5 Ways to Make Your Own Motivation

If you are looking for motivation to carry you through and hit your goals, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

The reason why I say this is because motivation is a deplete-able resource.  You may begin with all the motivation and excitement in the world, but after a few days, weeks, months, it may no longer be there.  Working out becomes routine.  Results slow down.  You still enjoy working out but it is missing the extra something that made it so great before.

Everyone goes through this, including myself.

For instance, you decide to begin an early morning workout routine.  You get a gym membership, you have your training plan all planned out, even picked up some new training gear.  You are setting yourself up for success this time and nothing will get in your way.

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Cool motivational memes like this one from my Instagram account will have you so motivated out of your mind that you will be declared legally insane!


That first Monday morning, your alarm goes off and the first thing that pops into your mind is the gym.  The excitement overcomes you because this is what you have been planning and waiting for the past couple days.  You get up, walk out to the kitchen and chow down on the small breakfast you already had prepared and waiting.  You throw on your new training gear, grab your gym bag you packed and checked twice the night before and head out the door.  As you drive to the gym, it’s dark, not a lot of traffic, so you arrive at the gym pretty quickly to an empty parking lot.

You walk in with a sense of accomplishment.  You got up early and made it to the gym.  The hardest part is over.  You run through your workout, chug down your post-workout shake, hit the shower, and walk out of the gym feeling like you just put a hard workout in, but full of energy, physically and mentally, to tackle the day.

Four Monday mornings later, you are laying in bed repeatedly hitting the snooze button.



Are some people more motivated than others? Of course.  However, that is not to say they need an extra boost as well.  Maybe they have already found there boost.  Maybe it is one of the ways I give away below.

There two types of motivation.  Intrinsic and Extrinsic.  Intrinsic is internal motivation.  This is being motivated by an internal drive inside yourself, like enjoying the challenge of a workout, the need to be the best, competition, or any other benefits you feel from working out.  Intrinsic motivation is something I would say you are born with.  Everyone has some intrinsic motivation, but it is not the primary motivating factor for them.

Extrinsic motivation is when you find motivation from an outside source.  This is what I will share below so no point getting into examples and giving it away early.


If you lack the internal motivators, you can always control and fall back on the extrinsic motivators.  These will help you get into the gym a lot more than you think or just help you push a little harder than you normally would.


5 Ways To Get Yourself Pumped Up

Music – This is a no brainer and I am sure that most of you have your ear buds in and already cranking some type of music.  However, is it a playlist that you have put some thought into?  What do you like?…. heavy metal, something with a loud bass, fast music or slow and heavy.  Gangsta rap music? Only you can answer this question.  You know what songs get you excited, pumped up, and ready to go.  Write these songs down and create a playlist.  Do not just put your iPod on random or become a victim to the top 20 hits on the gym radio.  Make your music work for you.  Also do not wait until the gym.  Start playing it in your car, play it loud, so when you get to the gym you are ready to go.

Videos/Pictures – Keeping motivational pictures around you to keep your goals and what you want in the forefront of your mind.  I am not talking about a quote meme on instagram, but something that specifically hits a chord in you.  If you are working on your physique, then find a physique you like and keep it somewhere you see it often.  The more your goals are on your mind, the more focused you will be.  I also like to watch videos.  Back in the day, Greg Plitt videos would get me pumped up.  If you watch a video and that guy does not pump you up and make you want to lift weights and work hard in life, then you must be a dead corpse.  Watch the video below if you don’t know what I am talking about…


Training Partner –A training partner can be the best or worst thing.  Make sure you find a good one.  If a training partner is always late, slowing you down, negative, then it will affect your training.  Find someone on the same level as you or better.  You can learn a lot from them and they can keep you on track.  On those days where you do not feel motivated to go hard, they can fill their role to get the most out of you.  Just return the favor for them.

Emotions – I’ve always used emotions to boost my training.  If I’m pissed, I went to the gym.  Relationship ended, I went to the gym.  Frustrated in life, I went to the gym.  Negative emotions can ruin you if you let them.  You can use them to your advantage though.  Emotions are very powerful and can hold a lot of energy.  Use that energy to put in a hard workout, rather than staying in, hitting the bar, or something else negative that will derail your goals and results.


Positive Self Talk – Now this may sound a little corny, but back in my running days, I really used this to my advantage.  I would go through phases where I would get really into running.  During my runs I would listen to my music (like I explained above, not just anything) and I would just say positive things in my head.  Not only would it help me push harder and get that extra mile or two in, but it really pumped me up for the rest of my day.  It also gave me such a high that it was the main reason why I would go run.  If you use positive self talk enough, your brain starts thinking that way automatically.  No matter what you are facing, a long run, heavy weight, or something in life, positive self talk can make you mentally tough.

Now none of these are really anything new to you.  But are you really using them in a way to get yourself psyched up.  I’m sure we all listen to music in the car on the way to the gym, but is it something that gets you going or just talk radio?  Is your training partner a motivator or always skipping out, running late, dragging you back?  Does being in a crappy mood zap your energy and make you lay on the couch all day or just piss you off and make you want to slam some weights?

Maybe you can think of some more unique ways to get motivated.  I would love to hear and have you share below in the comments section.

If you are looking for some motivation and accountability that will carry you through an entire 12 week program, email me at kfulton@fultontrainingsystems.com and lets get you training today!

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