5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

I love to read books, however, reading can be very time consuming.  Since I try to make the most out of the hours in my day, discovering podcasts have absolutely opened up a new world to me.  I know I am late to the party, but better late than never.  Coincidentally I just recently bought a new car and the salesman was explaining all the gadgets and gizmos to me and showed me how to set up my bluetooth so my phone connects to my car.  This alone I thought was great and new and excited to try out.  It really blew my mind when I realized I could play the podcasts through my car on my way to and from work.

So here are five podcasts that I have been listening to and really learned a lot from, even if it’s just one new little tip.  Check them out for yourself.

The StrengthCoach Podcastdownload (7)The official podcast of Mike Boyle.  If you are a trainer, you have definitely heard the name Mike Boyle.  If not, then one of your favorite trainers have probably interned with him.  He has 164 episodes to date, so if you start listening now, you have a lot of information to get through.  His guests are always the top of the field, so you know the info that you are getting is coming from the best in the industry.

The Strength Coach Podcast on itunes


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The Performance Podcast

Wil Fleming and Coach Dos put on the Performance Podcast.  I have listened all these episodes, they run fairly short so you can get through them pretty quickly.  Their focus is primarily on Olympic training, which is what they are great at, but they also discuss other areas, like complexes, HIIT, core training, and even how to build a home gym.  So plenty of variety and their back and forth conversation keeps your attention.

Performance Podcast on itunes

The Super Strength Show Podcast 

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Another great podcast with a lineup of the industry’s best.  Topics include strength, conditioning, muscle building, and more.

Super Strenght Show Podcast on itunes

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The FitCast.com

Another podcast with a TON of episodes from a great trainer, Kevin Larrabee, who interned at Cressey Performance and currently works at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, two of the best gyms in the country.  One of the first podcasts on fitness and nutrition I believe so big following and ton of info

The FitCast.com podcast on itunes

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Barbell Shrugged Podcast

This podcasts covers a ton of topics from strength training, Oly lifts, and brings in some Crossfit topics as well.   The conversation is fun and entertaining too.  A new episode is uploaded weekly on Wednesdays, so another large archive to start listening to.  Other podcasts are not so frequently downloaded so while you wait on some new episodes from others you can get caught up on some Barbell Shrugged episodes.

Barbell Shrugged Podcast on itunes

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