5 Movements You Need to be Doing for Strong Glutes

The glutes are a big, powerful, and functionally needed muscle if you ever plan on performing at your best in everyday life or sport.

I think most people miss the boat when it comes to glute training because it is not as “sexy” to work on.  Meaning you do not see it in the mirror.  Even if you are home alone and happen to catch a glimpse of your self in the mirror hopping out of the shower, we normally don’t turnaround and check out our butt.  We focus on the arms, chest, shoulders, abs, (front muscles).


I’m not a bodybuilder. (if you see me in person, this is obvious)  Since most people follow a bodybuilding approach when it comes to training the glutes may get worked, but definitely do not get the justice they deserve.  Bodybuilding is all about getting muscles big, and then cutting as much fat as possible so they pop out inhumanly well, (and then put on a banana hammock and prance around).  I’m not saying bodybuilders do not do glute exercises, I am just saying they are not doing them as much as a performance athlete is or SHOULD be.  So depending on your training goal or where you are getting your info can make a major difference with how much glute work you get in.

Also, most glute training is geared to women (again the main reason being vanity over performance) so many guys probably are shy to train the glutes in fear of looking like they are doing “girly” exercises.  (to an extent I agree.  A man should never do the “peek-a-boo machine” in my opinion. There many other options).

"peek-a-boo machine"

“peek-a-boo machine”

I prefer performance training.  I want my time in the gym to carryover to sport and outside the gym activities.  Glutes are absolutely imperative for functionality and performance.

Also a strong set of glutes helps reduce the risk of injury.

Enough yappity yap.  I could go all day with in and outs of the glutes and why this and that, but you are reading this for the movements/exercises so, here you go.

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Barbell Glute Bridge

1.  Hip Thrust Movement – Barbell Glute Bridge on floor, Barbell Hip Thrust off Bench, Single-leg hip thrust (off floor or bench) Kettlebell Swings

2.  Deadlift Movement – Conventional Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift, Single-leg Romanian Deadlifts.

3. Squatting Movement – This can include any bilateral squat such as a back squat, hack squat, goblet squat, front squats… if it has the word squat in it your safe.  And always get in some unilateral work with split squats, pistols, and box step ups

4.  Back Extension Movement – off floor or reverse hyper.  Use different rep ranges and amount of resistance.

5. Hip Extension – Prone hip extension, quadruped hip extension, any type of open chain hip extension.

6.  (BONUS)  Hip Abduction Movement – Side-laying leg raises, clamshells, banded monster walks, lateral lunges.

Integrating these exercises in to your training will definitely take it to another level.  Your body will thank you.

And I’m out …*mic drop*

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Kevin Fulton is personal trainer in Pittsburgh, PA. His goal is to help his clients look, feel, and move better. In his spare time you can find him under a barbell or practicing jiu jitsu.

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