My name is Kevin Fulton.  I am a personal fitness trainer in Pittsburgh, PA.  

I currently train clients in the surrounding Pittsburgh area working out of Fitness Techniques in Oakmont, Pa.  I strive to help my clients feel and move better through soft tissue therapy and proper movement patterns while getting them stronger and restoring proper postural balance.  My clients have ranged from post-rehab to the weekend warrior, to the high school athlete.  I try to make my training an educational experience, for my client to take with them and apply in their everyday life rather than just during the time with me. 

I decided to take my training into the online world to continue reaching and helping more people.  I am certified through the Online Trainer Academy and have built and designed my own online system that I use to help my clients from anywhere in the world.  I can honestly say that you can get great results by following a simple to use system along with ongoing online support from myself. 

I love helping clients go through a physical transformation on the outside by helping them burn fat and build muscle.  However, I really wanted to take my training to another level by helping my clients turn their bodies into a machine.  What good is a Ferrari if it is sitting in the garage with no motor?  The same goes for our body.  What is the point of "looking" like you are in shape, if you can't even run around the block or climb a flight of stairs without being winded?

I became Bioforce certified, a great program by Joel Jamieson, so I can not only design great programs for burning fat and building muscle and strength, but help my clients build better internal engines through structured conditioning to provide them with heart rate variability, quicker recovery, and all the benefits that a strong cardiovascular system can provide.  I did not see many other trainers providing this.  I wanted to go to the next level.  

I spend my spare time with my beautiful wife and son.  If I am not helping or coaching a client, you can normally find me under a barbell or training jiu jitsu.   I am a novice ukulele player that I think will mesh well once I finally move to the beach and pursue my secret passion of surfing.  I am a beach bum trapped in Pittsburgh, PA.